How we Operate

Our aim is to advocate and ensure increasing amounts of renewable electricity are deployed sustainably across Africa.We work in partnership with stakeholders and institutions in creating the needed platform to dialogue, research as well as promote and advocate for sustainable, clean and affordable energy. 

 What We Do    

  • Advocacy and Policy Development
  • Information and Education
  • Investment Promotions






Our Operations


We host an idea sharing and exploring platform on renewable and clean energy

Alternative Energy Exchange Program

Alternative Energy Exchange Program is an international  exchange program for students and Energy professionals. This is to encourage more local content - African students into the Energy discipline whilst encouraging more renewable energy research and invention within the sector

Research and Policy Contribution

Our research and policy contribution centers around renewable energy, local content, Wealth Creation initiatives

Investments Promotions

Governance/Citizen Dialogue and Investments Promotions. Engaging various African governments on the transition and investment towards affordable and clean energy.