AAEI is an independent advocacy movement that seeks to promote affordable, clean and sustainable energy across Africa. The movement seeks to promote the Goal 7 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals whilst promoting local content to suit the renewables industry by creating an inter-dialogue platform for stakeholders-Governmental bodies, renewable companies, Investors, Inventors, citizens etc. towards the understanding and achievement of sustainable, clean and affordable energy for all



  • ADVOCATE AFFILIATE: For organisations and Government Agencies who believe in AAEI’s Advocacy.
  • ADVOCATE MEMBER: For Academics, Students, Investors, Individuals
  • VOLUNTEER: Open to anyone interested in AAEI’s advocacy

Membership Benefits


Africa’s Energy Future

AAEI Members have the opportunity to influence and inform our activities and policy decisions. As a member, you will contribute to our strategy groups, consultation responses and the research we commission.

Networking Opportunity

We present a continuous programme of events covering all aspects of the Alternative Energy-from focused, small-scale events to large conferences.