About AEEI

The Africa paradigm…

Africa is endowed in energy resources, but very poor in energy supply. Making reliable and affordable energy widely available is critical to the development of a region that accounts for 13% of the world’s population, but only 4% of its energy demand. A severe shortage of essential electricity infrastructure is undermining efforts to achieve more rapid social and economic development.

Almost 30% of global oil and gas discoveries made over the last five years have been in Africa, reflecting growing global appetite for African resources. Sub-Saharan Africa starts to unlock its vast renewable energy resources, with almost half of the growth in electricity generation to 2040 coming from renewables. Hydropower accounts for one-fifth of today’s power supply, but less than 10% of the estimated technical potential has been utilized



About AAEI

AAEI is an independent organisation that seeks to promote affordable, clean and sustainable energy across Africa. The movement seeks to promote the Goal 7 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals whilst promoting investment and local content to suit the renewables industry by creating an inter-dialogue platform for stakeholders-Governmental bodies, renewable companies, Investors, Inventors, communities etc. towards the understanding and achievement of sustainable, clean and affordable energy for all.


At the core of our work, we seek to …

  • Advocate and support favourable policies and frameworks to enable investment in renewables in Africa.
  • Create, inform and educate an efficient local content within the renewable energy industry.
  • Advocate for an efficient energy mix to help in achieving Sustainable, clean and affordable energy.
  • Create an enabling platform for a younger generation at the center of solving the innovative challenges within Africa’s renewable energy.